Franchise Opportunity

Quality product

Repeat income

Unlimited training and support to help you grow your business

Leads system

Marketing team to help you grow

B2B direct mail has little or no competition-Most markets are wide open

Solid income with 6 Figure potential within 1 year!

Over 80 different categories of businesses that need B2B marketing

Start making money in less then 2 weeks

Complete Turn-Key-Marketing materials-order forms-business cards-training -support  all included

Financial Independence
Retirement-The business is transferable-Resale value
One Low cost Entry Fee-NO royalties-NO ad on fees-NO franchise fees
Work from home office-Low or No overhead

8 in 1 Opportunities

We offer 7 other opportunities that naturally all fit together in a package like a glove!

BHO fills a need for employers that dont offer decent healthcare-But the employee has very high deductibles and substantial out-of-pocket expenses. BHO will finance those expenses at a very low monthly payment of the employees choosing. This is residual income. Get paid on 1000's of patient's monthly payments.  The B2B Blast will generate hundreds of leads for this program.

Spin 15 is an amazing marketing system that offers any retailer-restaurant-small business tremendous exposure. Here is a landing page to check it out.

LocalCommunityBlast i s a  co-op direct mailer B2C Giant postcard mailer that has been up and running since 2009 in 24 different markets.

ProThankYou is the PERFECT add-on business. How many service businesses do you know...Realtor-Mortgage-Insurance-Auto Sales-Furniture Sales etc that do NOT send you a nice Thank You card for your business? This hidden GEM pays you $56,000 per year for just 10 accounts per week!

LCB Rewards for all everyone's printing needs.  We beat most online printing companies by up to 50% and we all still make money. How many of your clients will need business cards, brochures, letter head, banners, sales sheets, and lots more?

Tape Traffic LLC for years everyone sees ads on grocery receipts-We provide a uniuqe opportunity to the grocery owner with income-free ads-and free rolls with ads. 

Tape Traffic Logistics LLC  This is a unique approach to receipt advertising.  We contract with the store-pay the store a share of the revenue-the store is open to the public-independent reps-Ad Agencys to sell ads for the store with no quotas.


Why this opportunity is positioned to grow into the next 20 years as one of the most lucrative-solid franchise systems ever!

1.The marketing is based on one solid principle-MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME that are all related and connected!

2.The foundation of the company is the direct mail. The B2B is very profitable and generates $4500-$6000 of profits to the Franchisee per mailer with repeat sales to follow. A typical market of 5000 businesses will generate at least 6 mailers per year or about $30,000 income.

3.The overhead required to run this business is your TIME! Run it from your home office with little or no overhead required.

4.Start up is less then 1 month and in most cases you can be up and running in 2 weeks.

5. The LCB, Spin 15, and BHO can be promoted in your marketing to generate leads and of course more income. Each business can generate a 6 Figure income.

6. Potential Mulitple Streams of income; LCB 4-6 mailers per year $18,000
Spin 15 6 rounds per year or $86,000 per year, BHO a minimum of 35 accounts or $70,000 residual income.

How does $100,000 to $200,000 per year in income sound for a very small investment with an exclusive-protected territory?




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